Sunday, September 12, 2010

Juicy Couture & Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi! Today I went to Stanford Shopping Center and to my surprise, Juicy Couture was having a sale!! All purses or wallets with the word Juicy written on it have 30% off! I was really surprise because if the sale person did not tell me that, I would have just browse around and walk out.  I did happen to see a purse that I really liked and when I heard it was 30% off, I just had to get it since it was a pretty good deal. I also got a matching wallet with it since the wallet was also 30% off. The purse was $178 and the wallet was $78 so a total of $256 without the 30% off, not mentioning adding tax to it. So with the 30% off and adding tax to it, it came up to $190ish, I saved almost $100. WOOT!! ^.^ Okay, here's a couple of pictures I took. ;)
This is my first time getting a purse in brown, so definitely adding some color to my collection besides black.
A close up of the purse, I really like the charm it came with. It's really sparkly and pretty. :)
The wallet, I really love the rhinestones on the wallet but I'm also afraid it might come out. I gotta be extra careful with it when I'm using it.
I also keep forgetting to post this, but I finally got my UD Naked Palette! I've been dying to get my hand on this! I think palette is still very hard to get, but luckily this palette is here to stay and not limited like the Alice in Wonderland one (which I didn't get a chance to get and now I can't get it anymore. T.T). Anyways, I really love this palette and I also tend to be more on the neutral side for my everyday makeup, this palette is just perfect. It got all the great neutral colors and also a couple of dark ones which can be use for a more smokey look when I'm feeling it. It's really great for traveling since it comes with eyeliners and the primer potion. It will definitely save me some space when I'm traveling around. :)
I didn't do swatches but they are really pigmented and very shimmery too. I would definitely recommend people getting this especially for people who travel a lot. ;D

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