Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HQCD Jewelries and Make Up

Hi!! I wanted to update about some jewelries and make up I got from Lisa, owner of He Qi Crystal Design. I got two pairs of earrings and a necklace from her. Lisa is truely an amazing jewelry artisan and I've been purchasing her stuff since 2007. She's definitely my favorite person to get jewelry from. Awhile ago, she started making the Super Nova Necklace and I must say they are to die for. They're made from swarovski crystals and definitely gorgeous. I immediately bought myself one and was wondering if she'll make earrings with them, and guess what, she did! ^^ I had to get myself a pair of these lovely earrings. I must say these are really gorgeous and very classic. They're perfect for weddings, parties and also everyday wear. Here are a couple of pictures of the earring.
Super Nova Earring and Simple Bow Necklace.
A close up of the earring. Isn't it gorgeous?
Another pair of earring I got is the feather earring which was made for Jen from frmheadtotoe. This earring is really popular and I myself like feathery stuff, so this pair was a must get also. It's really pretty and elegant, even my guy friend complimented on them saying they were beautiful and I was shock since most guy doesn't really notice these things on a girl, but I guess it just show how attractive these earring are. ^^ I sure a lot of people have seen these earrings on Jen, but here are a couple of my take on the earring.
They definitely stand out when you're wearing them. ^^
A close up.
The last piece of jewelry I got was the Simple Bow Necklace which is seen above in the pictures. This necklace is very simple and pretty. I've been wearing it practically everyday since it goes with everything.

A more close up of the necklace. It's simply pretty. :)
Recently, Lisa also started making her own beauty products and also her own makeup line. I got a mineral blush and eyeshadow from her. To my surprise, they are highly pigmented. I can even say they beat some of my makeup I have. When I first tried the blush on, without realizing how pigmented they are, I basically just pick up the fall out of the mineral blush and put it on my cheeks. It was definitely a wrong idea, as soon as I just put it on my cheek, the color was really dark. I had to take a napkin and wipe some of it off. They were really pigmented and I didnt' really use much either. Usually if you have a mineral blush and you tap some on the cap, that amount is usually good enough. But for Lisa's blush, I only took the fall out part on top of the seal and it was too much for one side of the cheek, which shows how pigmented they are. Her eyeshadow is also really pigmented, I got the Apricot color which is a light peachy golden color and it shows up really well, and I think they're as good as some high branded eyeshadows. I would definitely recommend her makeup line, they're inexpensive and made with great qualities.
Here are the swatches. Sorry about the lighting, it was night time when I took it, so the lighting is a little off since I'm standing next to a lamp.
The packaging is really cute. All made by Lisa. ^^
To see more of Lisa's stuff, please visit HQCD Online Store and visit her blog at for updates and giveaways. Tomorrow is her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!! ;D

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  1. <3. THANK YOU!

    I'm actually really happy you reviewed your makeup! I've been dying to know what more people think-- it's great that they're pigmented-- I've been trying to hard to make it more pigmented lol