Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meeting Lisa, owner of HQCD

Hi, so yesterday I finally got a chance to meet Lisa, owner of HQCD. Lisa decided to hand me the jewelries I ordered in person and so we can hang out for a bit (we go to the school). We went to get tapioca and talked. OMG, Lisa is such an amazing person. She's super friendly and really easy to talk to. I had a really great time just hanging out with her. Too bad we couldn't hang out earlier during the school year, but it's okay, it was great to finally being able to meet Lisa. I also got to go to her apartment and met Achilles. He's so adorable and cute!! Definitely one of the nicest cat I've ever seen. While I was there, I got to try some onigiri that Lisa made. They were delicious! I always wanted to make some but never got a chance to, now I definitely want to make some. They're so good! ^^ Thank you Lisa!! :) I just realized I forgot to take a picture with Lisa, :(, hopefully next time. :)
Okay, here are the jewelries I got from Lisa, Lisa also gave me a couple of feather charm while I was there at her apartment. Thank you so much Lisa. <3

These earrings so pretty! Perfect for spring time!
Here's the model picture, really pretty!
I got myself a set of cuff earrings. I absolutely love the color of the swarovski crystal. Unfortunately, the cuff part is a little big.

Model picture, it took me awhile to get the cuff to stay. LOL.
Last but not least, the feather earrings. OMG! I fell in love with these. They're so pretty and long. LOL. I like long earrings. :P

Model picture, look at how long they are. So pretty!

A close up of the feathers. I love the magenta feather!

A full face with the earrings. They look so nice!
These are the charms Lisa gave me when I was at her house. The feathers apparently didn't work out for earrings, so she didn't want to waste them and gave them to me. She even added a heart crystal and pearl.
When Lisa first did her vlog, I mention that I was having some problems with my skin, and Lisa gave this facial cleanser to me along with my earrings. Omg! Thank you so much Lisa! You're so nice!! <3

Overall, I was really happy with my jewelries I got from Lisa and meeting Lisa was a fun experience. I hope to hang soon!! ^^

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  1. Ooh! The earrings are so gorgeous. I really like the first pair :)