Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BB Cream and New Puppy!!! =]

Hi! I finally get to update. School has been taking up all my time. ><

Ok, I'm going to talk about Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream that I got a couple of weeks ago. I got the shade #21, and it fits my skin perfectly. It definitely makes my skin looking whiter and smoother!! I'm in love with this bb cream as of now. I read in some reviews and some people said it makes them break out. Luckily, I don't break out from it. So make sure you know your skin type before you try it. Here's a picture.
My skin looks so white and smooth! =] Excuse my messy bangs. LOL.

 I also got a Deluxe Sampler for signing up as a new member at Missha. What a bonus! It includes the Perfect Cover BB Cream, the BB Boomer, luminous lipgloss, cover deep cleansing oil, and super aqua detoxifying peeling gel. I'm really happy with the mini size BB Cream, since I can bring it anywhere. It's a great travel size.

I also want to talk about my NEW PUPPY!!!!! OMG, she's so cute! My dad got her on Chinese New Year. My mom named her Hei Hei (pronounce as Hay Hay). She's sleeping right beside me right now. =] I already have a 2 years old dog (male) and my dad really wants to breed him, btw, our dogs are Pomeranian. Hei Hei is currently 3 months old and she loves to sleep. She basically sleeps the whole day but then again she is a puppy. Her teeth are growing in so she's gnawing on everything she sees. She's really cute especially when she walks, well more like hopping. LOL. She hops instead of walking but she's starting to walk a little bit now. She just got her first shots today and I don't think she really like it. Pictures time. =]
Isn't she the cutest thing? =]
This is a picture of me and her. Also, I'm not wearing any makeup in this pic, so you can do the comparison from the picture above.

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