Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hana SPC Hyper Circle Lenses

Hello! I'm finally updating with a review about the Hana SPC Hyper Circle Lenses in Grey. I got them at CandyLens and they are 14.5mm big. These are my very first pair of Cirlce Lenses and also my first time wearing contacts. I do not need to wear contacts in real life so it took me awhile to decide to get circle lenses or not. I finally did! I'm so glad I did because they definitely enlarge my eyes! ^^ I have monolids, so my eyes tends to look smaller. I did a lot of research before deciding what brand to get. I ended up getting Hana because many people say they are extremely comfortable. I agree with what I read online, these circle lenses are comfortable. Especially for first time contacts wearer, I do not really know what's the difference between regular contacts and circle lenses are suppose to feel like. Just to let you guys know, I couldn't put them on when I tried to. >.< Being that it's my first time putting something in my eyes, I couldn't get them in. My eyes would keep blinking. My sister got frustrated and said she will put in on for me. Sadly, she couldn't either. >.< I know, epic FAILED. I gave up and decided to try it next time. The next day, after 30 minutes of struggling, I finally got one of it in! LOL! What was surprising is that when I put the other one in my left eye, it didn't take that long. For some reason, I can easily pop in the contact in my left eye but I struggle with my right eye. I don't know why though. For the first day, I only wore them for 4 hours because I wasn't used to it and I felt them. The next day, I actually wore them for 10 hours without realizing. I guess I got used to it and I didn't feel them anymore. My eyes didn't feel dry and I didn't have to use eye drop. I'm very satisfied with these lenses because they are really comfortable and you can wear it for over 10 hours without having to use eye drops. I would recommend them to people, especially for first time people who wants to try circle lenses. Oh, I almost forgot, I also got these really cute contact cases with my contacts. It comes with every order. I also like how they package the contacts. They put them in a cute jewelry box. When I first got them, I was thinking when did I order jewelry. LOL.

Here's a couple pictures of how they look on me. ^^

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