Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hong Kong Trip

Hello! I'm back from my Hong Kong trip. ^^ This summer trip sure went by quickly! Hong Kong was really hot!! I felt like I was dying on the first day. It was so humid and sticky!!! It got better as the week went on because there were typhoons, so it rained a lot. T.T It rained practically half of the trip I was there, so my friend and I ended up at the mall most of the time. Which meant my friend and I bought a lot of things, but most of them were souvenirs. We didn't really get to go to a lot of places because of the rain, but it was still fun. The two places that I went was Ocean Park and The Peak. I got so many mosquitoes bite from Ocean Park. It became swollen and I couldn't wear shorts for the rest of the trip. The Peak city view was so pretty! I really love the night view of Hong Kong. It was beautiful! The food in Hong Kong was so good and cheap!! Even the fast food there tastes better! I also cut my really long hair. I miss my long hair now. >.< Besides the rain, the trip was fun! Okay, pictures time!
Got all of these for 99HKD. So cheap!! My friends and I couldn't finish it.
The front gate of Ocean Park. ^^
The view from Ocean Park.
Hehe, we're surfing!!
Look at those roller coasters!
Got my hair cut! My hairstylist remembered me from last year. Which was so surprising since it has been a year ago. He curled my hair for me. :P
Time Square in HK. Look at all those floors. My feet hurted from all those walking.
At The Peak of HK! I really love the night view! It's so pretty!
My very expensive dinner at The Peak.
My friends and I got all of these lovely sweets on our last day in HK.
Hong Kong had Skinfood!! I was so happy! I bought some for my sisters.
Masks that I got for free since I bought a lot of things! ^^ Woot! I love free things!
The three bottles that look like sake bottles was for my sister. They were for pores. The other two are mines. One is a night mask that you were at night, kinda similar to a moisturizer. The green bottle one is also a mask but you wash this one off.
These are scrubbing mask. I got this for my sisters as well. ^^