Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock and Republic Pressed Blush

Hello! I have a review today on Rock and Republic Pressed Blush. I bought two of them, one is called Kinky and the other one is Tease. I got both of them for 50% off plus $.99 shipping on their website, which was a big bargain! They still have the $.99 shipping going on their website and you can use the coupon code ROCKCOSMETICS to get 50% off. I just tested out the code to see if it still works, and it does! I must say I love their packaging! It's really pretty and sophisticated, not to mention, they're really pigmented. One brush stroke is enough for me to last the whole day. It definitely beats my NARS blush. For the NARS blush, I would need to apply several strokes in order for the color to appear on my cheeks. Kinky is a bright pink color while Tease is a slightly pinkish purple color. I also wanted to get one called Call Me but they didn't have it and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Hopefully they'll stock up soon. Okay, here are some pictures.

I really like the box it came in.
Love the blush packaging and their Logo!
Tease is on the left and Kinky is on the right.
A closer view of Kinky.
A closer view of Tease.
My swatches. See how pigmented they are.
That's all for now. I'm waiting for my Urban Decay Naked palette, so I will update on that once it comes. ^^

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